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Coming  Competitions

17th - 30th March 2016

Sydney Royal Easter Show


19th March 2016

Australasian Giant Pumpkin & Vegetable Competition

at the Pakenham Agricultural Show

P.B. Ronald Reserve (  Pakenham Recreation Reserve  ),

Corner of Henry & John Streets,

Pakenham - Melway ref: 317 D8



26th March 2016

Cadell Harvest Festival


1st May 2016

Collector Village Pumpkin Festival


29th May 2016

Goomeri Pumpkin Festival



Past Competitions

        March 16th 2013  Australian Giant Pumpkin & Vegetable Competition Weighoff

        March  16th 2013 Kyogle 

        March 30th 2013  Murray River Giant Pumpkin Competition - Cadell Harvest Festival 

        March 30th 2013  Sydney Royal Easter Show

        April 14th 2013  Kootingal Pumpkin Festival  

        May 5th 2013  Collector Village Pumpkin Festival  

        May  26th 2013  Goomeri Pumpkin Festival   



        March 16th 2013  Australian Giant Pumpkin & Vegetable Competition Weighoff    

The Pakenham Show on the 16th March 2013 is the place to show off your

Giant Pumpkin or any Giant or wonderful Vegetable that you have grown.

Entries close 9am 16th March.

Great prizes on the day. 

 Coolibah Herbs and Atlantic Seeds are the proud sponsors of the 2013 competition. 

Contact Atlantic Seeds for more information of this event.   

        March  16th 2013 Kyogle Bazaar                   

Show Off Your Harvest and Tickle Your Taste Buds at Kyogle Bazaar

To enter your pumpkin, please call Thelma on 0459 537 601 or email showgroundbookings@gmail.com  

        March 30th 2013  Murray River Giant Pumpkin Competition -

Cadell Harvest Festival

A big highlight of the Cadell Harvest Festival held on Easter Saturday each year. Prizes are given from 1st - 10th Place. Categories include, The Ugliest Pumpkin, Best Looking Pumpkin and many more.

Contact : Kevin Myers
Phone: 0428 518 994
Facebook page

        March 30th 2013   Sydney Royal Easter Show

        April 14th 201Kootingal Pumpkin Festival       

Our Festival features all sorts of Pumpkins, Pumpkin products, Pumpkin cooking, Pumpkin bowling, Pumpkin racing as well as food, wines, craft and products from all over our area. Where is Kootingal? It is 17km North East of Tamworth on the New England Highway, Northern NSW Australia, situated at the foot of the beautiful Moonbi Ranges.


        May 5th 2013  Collector Village Pumpkin Festival          


The Festival features over eighty market stalls, live music and entertainment , a great display of vintage farm machinery, classic cars and rural demonstrations, and of course, one of the biggest displays of giant pumpkins in the land.  Collector Village Pumpkin Festival, please contact the President Gary Poile - 0423 672153 or Secretary Linda Wilson - 0427 101344

        May  26th 201Goomeri Pumpkin Festival  

An event filled day of entertainment, fun and frivolity will again be offered at the annual Goomeri Pumpkin Festival.  Join the thousands of people who flock to the small town of Goomeri on the last Sunday in May to participate in or watch pumpkins, rolling, jumping, dawdling and bouncing down Policeman's Hill. Try your luck at Pumpkin Bowls; show your style in the Pumpkin Power Shot Put Competition; decorate a pumpkin or create a costume and enter the Pumpkin Pageant.

2015  Current World Record for Pumpkins

We congratulate Beni Meier for breaking the world record.  He brought his record breaking 2,323.7 pound (1056.23 kg) giant pumpkin to weigh off at the European Championship Pumpkin Weigh off in Germany.


                 Beni Meier with his record breaking 2,323.7 pound (1056.23 kg) giant pumpkin.



Well its official Dale Oliver has beaten his own record.

Dale weighted his pumpkin in January at 743kg pictured below.


If your non-profit Australian group would like to promote a Giant Vegetable Competition on this website, email Atlantic Seeds with the following information: Type of Competition, Date of Competition, Any Special Requirements, Contact Name, Contact Phone Number, Contact E-mail Address/Website. Any type of non-profit giant vegetable competition in Australia is welcome.  











Recorded history shows Australians started growing giant pumpkins in the late 1980’s when a newly arrived Aussie Russ Zimmer from Milwaukee United States, started the first official Giant Pumpkin Competition in South Australia back in 1987. Since then, the competition has expanded dramatically, with giant pumpkins being grown throughout the length and breadth of Australia, from Darwin in the Northern Territory down to Hobart in Tasmania, from Norfolk Island across the seas and deserts to Broome, Western Australia.

The Australian Giant Pumpkin and Vegetable Society (AGPVS) was formed in 1996 by a group of giant pumpkin and vegetable enthusiasts who wanted to promote the growing of giant pumpkins and vegetables in Australia. Previous to this, the Competition was run under the auspices of the World Pumpkin Confederation. Since 1997 the Australasian Giant Pumpkin and Vegetable Competition has been held across Australia every April to find Australia’s heaviest pumpkin and other record breaking vegetables. The AGPVS endeavours to keep a comprehensive list of AGPVS and Australian vegetable records, as after extensive research, no other Australian organisation was found to be keeping such records.

Click to enlarge image

Congratulations Matt Davies for setting a new record at the Chinchilla Giant Watermelon Festival (Queensland) on 16th February 2007. Matt Davies (left) and his father Bernie with Matt's 87kg Watermelon.

Click to enlarge image

Australia has seen two Australian Records set in 2003, firstly Ben Boynton of New South Wales (left) with his 431.1kg pumpkin, and then Ken and Rosemary Holden, from Port Lincoln, South Australia (right) re-taking their Record Breaking Title back, with a 440kg pumpkin.

Click to enlarge image

Australia's previous heaviest pumpkin was 300kgs grown 2001/02 season by Ken and Rosemary Holden of Port Lincoln, South Australia. The World Record for a pumpkin is 821.9kgs or 1,810.5 lbs set in 2010 was grown by Chris Stevens of Wisconsin USA.

Organisers of Giant Pumpkin Competitions should contact Atlantic Seeds to discuss your requirements. Giant seeds are available from Atlantic Seeds. To order any seeds check out the Order page.

Past Competitions

The 2001 Australasian Giant Pumpkin and Vegetable Competition was held at Harmony Nursery, Dandenong-Hastings Road, Skye on 7th April 2001. Results: Heaviest Pumpkin, Audrey Dodson, 131.3kgs; Heaviest Pumpkin by a Child Under 16, Lucy Stayner, 92.2kgs; New Australian Records: Sunflower, Paul Latham, 5 metres tall; Heavy Gourd, Robert Weber, 42.8kg.

The 2000 Australasian Giant Pumpkin and Vegetable Competition was held on 1st April 2000 at four Australian Sites. Congratulations to Lawrence Leadbeatter, the 2000 National Pumpkin Champion with his pumpkin weighing 262.1kgs. Congratulations also to Frank Weber who grew Australia's tallest sunflower, a new record, 4.86 metres and to Rodney Leadbeatter with a new long gourd record of 2.2 metres. Other vegetables of note to be weighed and measured were a 1.7kg Carrot, grown by myself, a 14kg heavy gourd, a 16kg Marrow and a 60.2kg Watermelon.

Pictured is George Stayner & David Latham getting ready to help unload the 3rd Place Pumpkin at Victoria's AGPVS Competition.

George Stayner

Wendy Stayner and Gourd

In 1999/2000 I grew a giant gourd (Bushel Gourd), and when I harvested them in May 2000, we took the gourds to be weighed and measured. The weight of Gerty was 34.1kg and measured 1.663 metres and the weight of Gordon was 36.9kgs and he measured 1.630 metres. Pictured below is myself with "Gordon the Gourd". The Guinness Book of Records recognised these as new Australian Records.

Competition Ideas

There are many ways to conduct a Giant Pumpkin, Giant Tomato, Giant Watermelon etc, Competition. You can order bulk seeds from Atlantic Seeds or encourage competitors to purchase their own. Bulk Seeds can be purchased and distributed through the community with an extra fee included to cover costs of the group running the competition. This could act as an entry fee into the Competition or as a registration fee. By doing this, you have a fair idea of who will be entering if their crop is successful and be able to contact them through the post or phone to further promote the competition or seek photo opportunities, etc to promote the competition.

By having an open competition where competitors can purchase seeds of their own choice, will lessen the amount of work for organisers, but will also make the unknown (i.e. who will enter, how many will enter) a more anxious time for organisers. Growing the seedlings as a group, and distributing growing plants is another option and either selling the seedlings or distributing them free of charge will help promote the competition. Pre-registration without a fee or giving seeds is another option, but people do not usually respond well, and number of entries cannot be identified. Rules need to be identified early, and advertised with the promotion of the competition or distribution of the seeds.

Decide on how, where and when the competition will be held, and attempt to advise contestants at the earliest possible time (i.e. at the time of registering to enter the competition). Be aware, that not everyone who registers or says they will enter, will. There are a number of reasons why this occurs. For example, their fruit did not grow as they expected it to; they feel their fruit is not as big as other people and are scared away (to counteract this, offer prizes for not only the heaviest, but perhaps a lucky number, or a lucky weight prize, and advertise this fact); they moved, they did not grow the vegetables; the weather; an unexpected wedding etc. Contact The Pumpkin Lady for information and suggestions on running a giant pumpkin or vegetable competition.


Pumpkin Australian Heaviest  Grown Official  Dale Oliver, NSW ( 2015 ) 743kgs
Pumpkin Australian Heaviest  Grown Official  Dale Oliver, NSW ( 2013 ) 575kgs
Pumpkin Victorian Record   2012 Official  Phillip McCauley ( 2012 ) 385.1kgs
Pumpkin South Australian Record  2003 Official  Ken and Rosemary Holden, Port Lincoln, SA ( 2003 ) 440kgs
Pumpkin Tasmanian  Heaviest 2015 Official  Shane Newitt  2015 Bream Creak Show Tasmania 422.5kgs
Pumpkin Tasmanian  Heaviest by Children under 16 2015  Bella & Jessica Newitt ( 2015 Bream Creak Show ) 362kgs
Pumpkin Tasmanian  Heaviest Reported  2009* Doug Doust , Richmond, ( 2012 Bream Creak Show ) 318kgs*
Pumpkin World Record  2015 Official  Beni Meier  1056.23kg or 2323.7lbs
Pumpkin World Record  2014 Official  Tim Matherson  923.64kg or 2032lbs
Pumpkin World Record  2012  Official  Ron Wallace 913.18kg or 2009lbs
Pumpkin World Record  2011 Official  Jim & Kelsey Bryson, Ormiston, Quebec, Canada ( 2011 ) 826.59kg or 1818.5lbs
Sunflower Australian Tallest 2001 Official  Paul Latham ( 2001 ) 5m
Sunflower Biggest Head    
Gourd Australian Longest 2012 Official  Ben Surma, NSW ( 2012 ) 3.080m
Gourd Australian Heaviest Official  Robert Weber ( 2001 ) 42.8kgs
Gourd Australian Largest Circumference Official  Robert Weber ( 2001 ) 1.770m
Marrow  Australian Record Official Phillip McCauley ( 2014 ) 30.5kgs
Watermelon Australian Heaviest  Galen Pettigrew (2001) 95kgs*
Rockmelon ( Cantelope ) Australasian Heaviest GBR Ned Katich   Upper Swan  WA ( 1982 ) 10.5kgs
Eggplant Australian Heaviest Official  Sam Trotta , Langwarrin, Victoria  (2011) 1.738kgs

*not officially recognised

**to be confirmed

For interest metric conversion is 2.2 pounds = 1 kilogram and 3 feet, 3 inches, 3/8" = 1 metre



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